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36" gas transport pipeline Frøslev-Egtved

The Danish Energinet commissioned Visser & Smit Hanab to construct around 94 kilometres of 30” (DN700) natural gas transport pipelines on the Frøslev – Egtved pipeline route in Denmark. This pertained to a gas transport pipeline between Egtved compressor station and the Danish-German border near Frøslev. The pipeline was constructed for the purposes of increasing Danish gas capacity.

The project mostly entailed constructing a 30” steel gas pipeline, primarily in gently sloping farmland and pastures. The pipeline route is largely parallel to an existing DN600 gas transport pipeline. In the southern section of the pipeline route, the pipes are in a forested region (including the Frøslev Plantage). In this section, thanks to the local soil conditions, it was also necessary to pump up a great deal of groundwater to enable the pipeline to be laid in a dry trench.


The project entailed 9 instances of horizontal directional drilling, with a total length of 3,150 metres. In addition, four microtunnels were also created.

Modifications were implemented at the existing pipeline valve stations and scraper facilities in Frøslev and Egtved and new facilities were built in Vollerup, Rangstrup and Farris. Six existing facilities in Krathuse, Terkelsbøl, Hellevad, Selskær, Pottehuse and Store Andst were extended.


The welded joints involved in this project were created by Visser & Smit Hanab using an automatic welding process. To this end, the pipe ends were prepared by giving them a V-seam. It is partly due to this that the quality of the welding was consistently high. The upshot was first-rate production welding.