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Landfall Normandy

For Jersey Electricity and Guernsey Electricity the “Normandie 1-project” which is the third interconnector to be installed to the European grid, will provide greater and more secure access to lower cost and lower carbon energy form our partners EDF.  On behalf of the N1-project and commissioned by VBMS, Visser & Smit Hanab installed a Ø500mm HDPE pipe string by means of a horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This string will connect the Submarine power and Integral Optical Cable to the onshore cable currently being installed by RTE.  

For this drilling the 27 Tonnes rig was used. The HDD crossed the dunes with in the nature reserve ‘Havre de Surville’ and has a length of approximately 192 metres. The HDD process was executed during a period of low tide.



Visser & Smit Hanab executed the works in close presence to 3d party contractor, RTE and adjacent to a live interconnector the “Normandie 2” circuit.