Evides Biesbos

Spectacular directional drilling

In the construction of a large transport pipeline

Recently, we conducted a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) of approximately one kilometer using a 450-ton drilling rig to cross the Roosendaal-Vlissingen railway line, as part of the construction of a 10-kilometer raw water pipeline for Evides. Subsequently, the pipeline, with a diameter of 1.40 meters (56 inches), will be connected by our colleagues at V&SH Pipelines & Industry between the existing pipe bundle near the Roosendaalse Vliet and the valve location in Heerle.

Nasty weather conditions

The new pipeline is installed approximately 32 meters below the surface to minimize the risk of settlement. Upon completion of the drilling, the pipeline was pulled into the borehole, with all pipes pre-welded together. Despite the rain and marshy ground conditions, the drilling operation, which required several adjustments to the initial planning, was executed safely and successfully. Respect for our skilled professionals!